Barbara Gerhards -
Life Coach & Business Coach

You want to live a fulfilled life and enjoy a successfull career?

As certified life coach und business coach I help you to unfold your strengths and vision and to life a fulfilled life of inner peace without conflict and anger.

Coaching offers the time and safe space to reflect on the things that are important to you: your ideas, your wishes, your dreams. Coaching can help to tackle difficult situations, necessary changes and new challenges. It is an investment in our own development and happiness. It is ME-Time.

Drawing from different international coaching schools, I offer a unique coaching style tailored to your needs to help you achieve what is important to you. Holding a Master´s degree in Economics and having worked for multinational corporations in M&A and Finance for 20 years, I have experienced the challenges of change and leadership myself. As a mother of 2 grown up sons, I know the personal challenges of raising kids and how to handle conflict and anger situations.

My areas of Coaching are: 

  • defining the personal vision and purpose of life
  • finding and developing personal strengths (e.g. Gallup)
  • taking life changing personal decisions or job decisions
  • tackling challenges at work or in private life
  • letting go of the past when it is not serving us
  • solving and reducing conflicts
  • getting rid of grudges and anger
  • finding inner peace

I am happy to accompany you as your coach and help you achieve your goals and dreams.

I coach face to face or virtually.

Conflict - Coaching

with the Arbinger methods

The conflict resolving methods of the US american Arbinger Institute are highly effective

Why are we in conflict and what is it, that keeps us in conflict? How can we find a way out of our conflicts?

The Arbinger Institute is specialised on resolving conflicts and has developed methods, that seem very simple, but are profound and extremely effective. They help to solve existing conflicts and also avoid future conflicts.

I have been coaching successfully with these methods since 2012 regardless of the nature and depth of the conflict of my clients. Whether the conflict is personal (with family, partner, kids, neighbours, friends) or job related (boss, colleague), they can all be solved applying the Arbinger tools. 

Arbinger has published some of the conflict resolving methods in its bestseller "Anatomy of Peace". This book is still the #1 bestseller in the category of conflict resolution. 

Mindset Change with Arbinger

If you want your company to learn more about how to deal with conflict and how to enhance cooperation and cocreation, then you might want to look into the Mindset Change program of The Arbinger Institute.

As a certified Arbinger trained Coach and Facilitator I provide on behalf of Arbinger US and Arbinger DE:

  • Mindset Change Courses
  • Implementation Coaching on Mindset Change

Anger - Coaching

to live a life without anger and frustration

Anger management -  there is a way to live a life without anger and frustration

There are so many people and situations that upset us daily. Some topics lead into real conflicts, others just keep us angry and frustrated.

It is actually possible to get rid of this daily anger by having a closer look at what upsets us in the first place. 

With years of coaching and the knowledge of different coaching methods and tools, I have developed a process how to handle anger situations and how to set ourselves free from anger.

I coach anger issues one on one.

If you want to attend an anger course, please have a look at my separate website with anger courses for the following anger situations:

  • Personal life
  • Work life
  • Parents and Teachers
  • Divorce and Separations

Nobody can keep us from living a fulfilled and peaceful life

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